Synergy, client oriented, flexibility – our capital group was established to explore new markets, build new tools and find solutions for our Clients. The dream of global business developments have just begun.


To become a well known, worldwide group of companies which delivers a wide array of consulting solutions.

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We have always been focused on business as it relates to people. Throughout the years we have developed a range of products and solutions that can be adapted both to small business and multinational companies. We have gained a unique know-how which is why Xandoria team members are frequent visitors at conferences, panels, lectures and issue opinions, participants in committees and in the process of newly created laws. We focus on the following areas:


Cross-border employment, payrolls, acounting and administration.
Labour costs analyses.
Engagement research, motivation and bonus systems, sales suport programms.

Xandoria GROUP

111 Our Clients
425 Our common experience in years
9999999 Potential
1023 Payrolls this month

Zarząd i Założyciele

Marta Zięba Szklarska Marta Zięba Szklarska CFO
Marta Zięba Szklarska CFO Razem możemy więcej – współpracujemy ponad 10 lat i warto połączyć siły dla stworzenia kompleksowych usług wsparcia dla biznesu - dużych firm i sektora MŚP. Show more
Magda Pietkiewicz Magda Pietkiewicz CTO
Magda Pietkiewicz CTO Xandoria stwarza mi możliwość realizacji projektów wspólnie z kreatywnymi ludźmi, którzy postrzegają każdą firmę jako część ekosystemu. Show more
Paweł Niewiarowski Paweł Niewiarowski COO
Paweł Niewiarowski COO Ludzie na których mogę liczyć w każdej sytuacji, satysfakcja z wyników oraz wielki potencjał. Show more
Tomasz Szklarski Tomasz Szklarski CMO
Tomasz Szklarski CMO Zawsze chciałem zbudować strukturę operująca w międzynarodowym środowisku. Xandoria to pierwszy krok… Show more


Rafał Szumiec
Fundacja REAXUM
The International Foundation REAXUM is engaged in the professional activation of persons with disabilities, on supported employment as well as the organization of a two-track career system for athletes with disabilities.
We strive to help our proteges become active users of the labor market and to increase their professional skills by working in various positions to develop and gain experience. We also educate the companies we cooperate with on how to work with people with disabilities while pointing out the benefits of such cooperation.

Contact us

Address data Address : Sabały 60, 02-174 Warszawa Telephone : 728 442 862 E-mail : kontakt@xandoria.pl
Registration data XANDORIA HOLDING SP Z O O Code: : 364024820 NIP : 5223058453 KRS : 0000609376
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